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Japanese Tasuki Chart

Sally Corey Japanese Tasuki needlepoint chartSally Corey Japanese Tasuki needlepoint chartSally is pleased to introduce her Japanese Tasuki Chart. This is another intriguing design from her acclaimed needlepoint book Weaving Designs for Needlepoint. Sally was inspired by fascinating, ancient traditions in developing the Tasuki canvas chart.

Click here for more information about her inspiration, and how to download this easy-to-follow chart.


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Sally Corey’s latest needlepoint canvases


Thanks for participating in our “Last Canvas in Paris” Mystery!

Thanks so much for entering our  "Last Canvas in Paris" Mystery! sponsored by Sally Corey Designs and Sudberry HouseSudberry House Sally Corey Designs

The last canvas is Notre Dame de Paris

  Sally Corey Notre dame de Paris needlepoint canvasIf you entered, you should have received a valuable discount of 20% off your next purchase from Sally Corey Designs. (One coupon per entrant. Discount valid through February 5, 2016.)

Collect all of the Charles Cobelle Paris Scenes Series . . . here are just a few of the earlier canvases:

This is the Paris Street Scene. Paris Street Scene Needlepoint Design painted canvas
. . . and here are the Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Needlepoint Canvas hand painted by Sally Corey
and St. Tropez: St Tropez Needlepoint canvas hand painted by Sally Corey
All of the canvases in this series are available on 13 or 18 mesh.

Needlepoint Books

Sally is the author of two classic books of needlepoint design which are, unfortunately, out-of-print.


Due to the wonderful response to our recent giveaway (two lucky winners received a copy of one of the books!), we decided we needed to make these charts available to more people.

Now offering the first of Sally’s needlepoint charts, originally published in these favored books, as an individual booklet for immediate download.

These books are full of engaging needlepoint designs that have, without a doubt, withstood the test of time. So, to enable more of you to enjoy them, we will be digitizing them and making them available, over time, as downloadable pdfs for you.

The first design: Swallows – Willows Japanese Screen Needlepoint Chart is now available. Sally-Corey-Japanese-Needlepoint-ScreenThree individual charts are included, one for each panel of the miniature Japanese screen. All three for only $22.95.

Purchase before November 1st, and receive a $5 off at the register.

Just enter the coupon code: swallows

For more information, click here.


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