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Coach needlepoint cushion by Sally Corey

In 2008, Sally Corey was commissioned to create a full line of pillows for the prestigious Coach home decor line.

Asked to recreate Coach’s signature patterns as finished needlepoint cushions, Sally began by carefully hand painting the needlepoint designs on canvas. Most of the stitching and finishing of the pillows was done in the US.  The line was so successful, the pillows were featured in new shops from NYC, to Paris and even Shanghai.

Image of Coach Store entrance

Here we are at the entrance to the Coach store.

Here are a few of the fabulous needlepoint designs in the collection.

Cushions were finished Nancy Lynn at The Finishing Works, Inman, South Carolina.

Coach Striped Needlepoint Pillow
Image of Coach Stripe Needlepoint
Image of Coach Tattersall Needlepoint Pillow
Image of Coach Tattersall Needlepoint
Image of Coac hZebra Needlepoint Pillow
Coach Zebra Needlepoint Pillow
Image of Coach Zebra Needlepoint
Image of Coach Frame Needlepoint Pillow
Coach Frame Needlepoint Pillow
coach logo cushion on the couch