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10109 Still Life with Shutters

10109 Still Life with Shutters


The rich colors and textures of this contemporary needlepoint interpretation of famed Cubist master, Juan Gris, will be a joy to stitch.



Inspired by  paintings of Juan Gris

Still Life With Shutters is the second in a series of fine art needlepoint canvases inspired by paintings of Cubist master Juan Gris.  Still Life with Shutters needlepoint canvas blends earthy tones in a light-hearted, modern design.

Enjoy stitching this fine art needlepoint canvas stitch painted as only Sally Corey can. The intricate details, colors and shapes so common in Cubist paintings are skillfully captured on this canvas.

Sally Corey Still Life With Shutters on footstool

Shown here as a foot stool, also perfectly appropriate for a framed wall hanging.

Stitch Map, photo of stitched canvas, with  suggested threads  and stitch patterns, included.


Canvas Price: $135

13 mesh mono canvas

Finished size: 13″ X 15.5″


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