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Japanese Tasuki Chart

Japanese Tasuki Chart


Let your spirits take wing stitching Sally’s Japanese Tasuki design!



The Japanese Tasuki Chart was originally found in Sally Corey’s acclaimed book Weaving Designs for Needlepoint, an international collection, published by William Morrow & Co., Inc. in 1981.

More than thirty years ago, Sally, then known as Sally Nicoletti, created the designs for this book, as well as her Japanese Motifs for Needlepoint book.  Attractive and engaging even today, the needlepoint charts have a timeless energy and spirit. The finished cushion would be at ease in a modern or traditional style home.

Sally Corey Japanese Tasuki needlepoint chartThis particular canvas is stitched in simple basketweave in only two colors. Of course, you can always add other threads or embellishments if you wish. The intricacy, as well as the repetition of the pattern makes the canvas easy and fun to stitch. Thread suggestions for different mesh sizes are also included so you can choose the type of canvas you want to use.

The motif for the Japanese Tasuki Chart comes from a Japanese garment textile, woven in a tasuki pattern. This design consists of straight lines intersecting on the diagonal to form a diamond-shaped lattice. Birds fitted into the tasuki lattice produce this particular variation called the “bird tasuki.” Tasuki is one of a number of patterns referred to as “yūsoku patterns,” textile designs of Chinese origin for use on ceremonial garments.

Detailed diagrams of basic stitches are also included in the chart booklet.


Sally’s Swallow-Willow Japanese Chart finished as a miniature screen

Chart is available for immediate download upon purchase.

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